Price Verification

Many stores use cash register scanners to input prices of items purchased by consumers. Price verification tests (scan tests) are done in stores throughout the state on a routine basis by ICS multiple inspectors. Inspectors test scanner pricing accuracy at retail locations throughout the state, with verification at the checkout stand of posted prices on signs, shelf tags and advertisements. 

What to expect during an inspection:

  • If one is available, the inspector needs access to a portable scanner for price verification.
    • If a portable scanner is not available, the inspector will need to bring a specified number of randomly chosen items to a checkout.
  • These items will then be scanned and the price recorded on a register tape.
  • At the completion of the scan test, the inspector will need a voided receipt to verify any overcharges/undercharges.
  • At that point the store manager (or any other responsible party) will be required to verify the recorded overcharges/undercharges with the inspector and take the appropriate action to resolve the pricing issues.
  • Misrepresentation of a price is a violation of Section 35-14-111 of the  Colorado Measurement Standards Act (MSA).   If more than 2% of prices checked are overcharges, a civil penalty is issued and the test is repeated soon after the failure.
  • All overcharges found must be corrected.

In addition, our office investigates consumer complaints.

The Examination Procedure for Price Verification is in Handbook 130 published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) .

Unit Pricing Requirements

Provision is made for uniform unit pricing (price per ounce, for example) and for unit pricing on random weight packages.  See Sections 35-14-117 and Sections 35-14-120 of the MSA.