Packaging and Labeling Inspection

IMAGE Packaged commodities are routinely inspected in retail and wholesale establishments throughout Colorado to ensure they are labeled properly and that the package accurately contains the quantity as stated on the label. The labeled net weight may not include the weight of the package or of any packaging materials.

In addition to label reviews for compliance with labeling requirements, ICS multiple inspectors use procedures set forth in the National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST's) Handbook 133 to determine whether packages contain the amounts represented.

What to expect during an inspection:

  • The Inspector needs to have ready access to a clean table in a work area.
  • The Inspector may need to open two (2) packages of product in order to determine the package tare of each product being tested.
  • Inspectors select a number of packages and weigh them on certified scales to be sure the package is labeled with an accurate quantity statement.
  • Liquid products are similarly inspected to ensure the packages contain the correct volume, as stated on the label.
  • Short weight products are taken off sale and a violation may be written by the inspector.
  • Civil penalties are issued on if the packer is on site. If the company is located somewhere other than where the packages are sold, the fine is mailed.


The Measurement Standards Section is responsible for inspecting and verifying whether packaged commodities sold in Colorado contain the amounts represented, and for enforcing package labeling requirements, including truth in labeling requirements. 

This is done under the authority of the Measurement Standards Act, 35-14, CRS,Section 107 (1) (c), Section 107 (1) (h), Section 107 (1) (k), Section 107 (1) (l), Section 107 (1) (n) and Section 107 (1) (o)