PACFA Advisory Committee

The PACFA Advisory Committee was created under section 35-80-115, C.R.S., of the Pet Animal Care Facilities Act, to assist the commissioner in promulgating rules and regulations to carry out the provisions of PACFA.

The committee consists of seventeen members representing: animal rescue, animal shelters, small-scale dog breeders, large-scale dog breeders, cat breeders, bird breeders, small animal breeders, boarding kennels, dog daycare industry, pet grooming, pet animal retailers, pet animal wholesalers, and three members of the general public. 

All members of the advisory committee must be residents of the State of Colorado.

PACFA Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public. If you wish to attend an upcoming PACFA Advisory Committee meeting, please RSVP by calling CDA-PACFA at 303-869-9146 to allow seating accommodations to be made.

PACFA Advisory Committee Members

 Kari Kishiyama
 Animal Control             
 Animal Rescue
 Leslie Yoder
 Animal Shelter
 Susanne Cochran
 Bird Breeders
 Cat Breeders
 Kelly Hepworth, DVM
 Dog Breeders, Large Scale
 Kim Rief
 Dog Breeders, Small Scale
 Therese Morin
 Dog Daycare
 Ellen Miller, DVM, MS
 General Public
 ReRe Baker
 General Public
 Katie Parker
 General Public
 Eika Haas, CVT, NCMG
 Small Animal Breeders
 Jenelle Vail, DVM
 Dustin Haworth

PACFA Advisory Committee Meeting Schedule Agenda and Minutes