The Feed Program regulates products fed to animals that are produced for human consumption and is part of a nation-wide effort to help ensure the safety of meat, milk and eggs. It also provides consumer protection for users of livestock and pet foods.

Protection of livestock/pet food industries and consumers is accomplished through:

  • BSE prevention inspections
  • Complaint investigations
  • Inspections of commercial feed/ pet food manufacturers and distributors
  • Label reviews for truth-in-labeling
  • Medicated Feed Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP)
  • Inspections in cooperation with FDA
  • Sampling and analysis of feed products

Laurel Hamling & Scott Ziehr
Feed Program Administrators



The 2017 Fee Schedule has been approved and may now be viewed.

The commercial feed company registration annual fee remains $75 for the period February 1 - January 31.

The small package product (under 10 pound quantity) distribution fee remains $25 per product name. This is payable each January for the previous year's distribution.

The commercial feed tonnage minimum fee is $50 reported annually each January. Or $0.05 per dry ton of feed/feed ingredients, and $0.025 per ton of wet feed/feed ingredients above 60% moisture, whichever is greater.

Late fees apply if the company registration is remitted after the due date. Late fees also apply if the tonnage and distribution fees are remitted after the due date.

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