The Egg Program licenses Egg Dealers annually. Dealers are inspected for compliance with state food safety regulations and educated in the proper care and handling of eggs.

The inspection ensures that the eggs you purchase are wholesome, fresh, and properly labeled.

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Changes to the Colorado Egg Law

The Colorado Egg Law underwent a sunset review by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) in 2008. DORA's review of the Egg Program resulted in a report to the legislature which contained recommendations for statute changes. The recommended statute changes were passed into Law during the 2009 Legislative Session, and became effective on July 1, 2009.

The law change requires the dealer license classes to be based on the average number of eggs sold per week, as counted in 30-dozen cases. In the past, retail license classes were based on gross sales of everything in the store and wholesale license classes were based on the number of  cases of egg sold per week.The Colorado Egg Rules 8-CCR-1202-10 have been amended by the Colorado Cottage Foods Act to exempt certain small-flock egg producers from licensing and inspection.

Producers who sell fewer than 250 dozen eggs per month to the final end user at the farm, at the farmers market, or through a community-supported agricultural association or similar venue are exempt from Colorado Department of Agriculture licensing and inspection.

Eggs being sold by unlicensed producers under the Colorado Cottage Foods Act must be labeled with the address where the eggs originated and the packaging date. Certain label items must also be present on Cottage Foods Act whole eggs.

Small Flock Egg Producers who wish to sell their eggs at a store or to a restaurant must be licensed and inspected by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

Program Brochure: The Colorado Egg Law and You: Questions and Answers About Egg Quality & Safety

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A person or company that sells eggs within Colorado must be licensed by Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) per CRS 35-21-104. Complete the Colorado Application for Egg Dealer License and submit your payment to 305 Interlocken Parkway Broomfield, CO 80021.

Egg producers with fewer than 3,000 domesticated chicken hens who sell to stores, restaurants, hospitals and other institutions must be licensed as a Class I Small-Flock Egg Producer.

Egg producers who sell their eggs directly to the consumer are exempt from licensing by CDA when fewer than 250 dozen are sold per month.

Egg producers with more than 3,000 hens must be licensed as a Class II through Class VII Egg Dealer depending on the number of eggs sold per week. Those Large Flock Egg Producers are subject to the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Shell Egg Surveillance Program inspections. Contact Kellie Anderson at the USDA Ag Marketing Services at (303) 288-2451 or for further information.

CDA inspects egg producers, retailers and wholesalers to ensure product wholesomeness, and to verify truth and completeness in labeling. A producer inspection involves the washing, sanitizing, candling, grading, packing and storage procedures in use for compliance with good manufacturing practices for food producers. Go to the Egg Producers webpage for more details on the on-farm inspections.

Please contact our office at (303) 869-9101 for any further questions.