Egg Inspection

IMAGE Eggs are inspected at retail and wholesale stores to ensure quality, wholesomeness, and proper labeling.  Inspectors verify that eggs are properly refrigerated and rotated. A special light, called a Candler, is used by the inspectors to illuminate the interior of the egg, allowing them to ascertain that the eggs meet the Grade (quality) labeled on the cartons.

Necessary documentation for the inspection:

  • Egg license
  • Wholesaler name
  • Any other supporting information

What to expect during an inspection:

  • Current Egg Dealer License should be posted and readily available for the inspector to check .
  • The inspector will need a location with a table or flat stable surface on which to set the Egg Candler.  Access to 110v power is also needed.
  • The inspector will need to know who the egg wholesaler is for reporting purposes.
  • If the store doesn't have a Julian Calendar, they should receive one from the inspector along with an explanation concerning
    • pack dates,
    • expiration dates and
    • "sell by" dates.
  • Also, this is a good time to review good rotation practices and proper storage temperatures.