Commercial Devices

Large Scale


Large scales are:

  • Scales with capacities 1,001 lb and greater
  • Belt conveyor scales
  • In-motion railroad track scales

See also the Static Railway Scale Policy

Small Scale

Scale and Meter Licensing & Inspection

The owner must obtain a license to operate any commercially used scale, moisture meter, Mass flow meter, textile meter and cordage meter. ICS multiple inspectors test all commercially used devices mentioned above.


Legal for Trade Devices

Commercially used scales and meters must be legal for trade. A legal for trade device must generally have a Certificate of Conformance issued by the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP). Most scale companies will be knowledgeable regarding whether a device is legal for trade. The Measurement Standards office may be contacted with any questions regarding legal for trade status.

Scale & Meter Tolerances

Specifications and Tolerances for devices, as well as general and user requirements are in Handbook 44 published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Scales & Meter Sales and Service Companies

See Scales and Devices - Sales and Service for information on sales and service companies, including lists of certified companies.