Colorado Agricultural Mediation Program (CAMP)

The Colorado Agricultural Mediation Program helps farmers and ranchers who are dealing with contentious issues, such as:

  • private and federal loan programs,
  • crop insurance,
  • wetlands,
  • CRP and
  • rural housing

The fee for mediation begins at $50 per party for the first four hours and $25 per party for each hour thereafter. Participants are responsible for all additional legal or financial advisors.

Feel free to email us or call 303-869-9095 for more information on how you can get easy, affordable, and confidential mediation services.

Leif Jacobsen
Program Administrator

The Agricultural Economic Crisis is real.
The resulting stress is real. Let's TALK about it.

Crisis can take many forms for many different people. Don't know where to start?  Start Here

When a farmer and rancher is facing a financial crisis, it can create an emotional toll on every aspect of life. From paying bills, to feeding their children, caring for the livestock and crops, retirement options, and even what they will be able to leave their heirs, the worry and anxiety can be overwhelming. The agricultural community has always come together to help our neighbors in a time of need and that is what this effort is all about:  pulling together to help others through this stressful time. I encourage you to reach out to the Colorado Crisis Services if you, or someone you love, is struggling.