Animal Shelter and Rescue Individual Statistics


2019 - Animal Shelter and Rescue Annual Report


The 2019 Animal Shelter and Rescue Individual Statistics are presented in Google Sheet format. The

statistical data in the spreadsheet is protected but the spreadsheet can be downloaded to an Excel

file, filtered and/or sorted. Please see the screenshots below for more information on how to

download, filter and sort the 2018 individual statistics document.



Previous year statistics here.



Filter Guidelines:

1. Hover your cursor over the column you wish to filter. A small box, on the right, with a down

arrow will appear. Click it.



2.  The Sort window will appear. Click Sort.



3.  Once the sheet has sorted, you will see a green down arrow button appear, on the right-hand

side of the column name. Click it and the Sort and Filter window will appear.



4. Click Clear. Scroll down from the list and select the choices you wish to only view. Example:

Click on Arapahoe County to only view the facilities that are in Arapahoe County.



Sort Guidelines:

1. From the same Sort and Filter window you may sort columns by A-Z or Z-A. The A-Z and Z-A

values apply for numbers as well. ‘A’ represents zero and ‘Z’ represents the highest number.

Example sorting Business Names Z-A



Download Guidelines:

1. Click File and a drop menu will appear. Select the Download as option. A second window will

appear to the right and will list 6 download options. Example: click on the Microsoft Excel

option to download as an Excel spreadsheet version.





Disclaimer: This dataset reflects the Individual Shelter & Rescue Statistics that were reported for the

2018 calendar year. The numbers in this data set were provided by each individual facility. Although

PACFA requires statistics to be submitted and takes all care possible to ensure the validity of this data,

we do not control, and therefore guarantee, the complete accuracy, completeness and availability of

data. CDA-PACFA is not responsible for any issues that may arise from the use of this data, including

copies made from this data. If you have questions about a facility’s statistics contact them directly.

For general questions contact us at