Spotter Form

If you believe that you have detected a List A species or other suspected invasive plant species it is important to report your sighting as soon as possible.

  • Completely fill out the Colorado Department of Agriculture's Spotter Form found at the bottom of this page.
  • Take pictures of plant details and habitat if possible to include with your completed spotter form.
  • Additional information such as a voucher specimen (sample) and a completed sample collection form may be needed as verification.
  • Verified species will then be added to the state database.
  • Submitted spotter forms will also be forwarded to the appropriate weed/land manager such as the County Weed Manager or USFS.

Identifying a target species to the best of your ability is extremely important in order to 1) keep the EDRR system from becoming bogged down from a large number of misidentified, common species and 2) protect rare, native plants from being mistaken as invaders.

Invasive Plant Spotter Form