Noxious Weed Mapping

We are changing how we collect mapping information

Many of you remember that, not too long ago, quarter-quad mapping data for noxious weeds was drawn on paper maps and mailed to CDA each year.  Since those early years, we’ve worked on making continuous improvements to the existing statewide mapping system while keeping it accessible for all users.

The weed mapping data that is collected by counties and other entities is used to help us make species listing decisions, improve plant assessments, inform the public and decision-makers about noxious weed challenges we’re facing, and ensure that updates to management plans in the annual rule are accurate and defensible.  We also illustrate management successes and share data with other states to assist with regional Early Detection Rapid Response efforts.

Our current statewide weed mapping system has served us well over the years, but now must be converted from its existing code to new code, or retired.  We have decided to set aside the current system and move our mapping data collection to EDDMapSWest, which is a system that is used throughout the western states and which we were early contributors to its initial development.  This change is effective immediately, and we will be providing assistance as we make this transition.  We’re looking forward to working with you and this new system to continue and improve noxious weed management across the state.

Benefits of Using EDDMapSWest

You spoke, we listened. The information provided in the Winter 2016 Data Capture and Sharing Survey  directly influenced the reasons why we selected EDDMapSWest.

EDDMapSWest is:

  • Free & Easy to use
  • Available for desktop and mobile devices
  • Compatible with MapItFast, shapefiles, GPS, Gpx, Google Earth KML or KMZ files, or spreadsheeet with latitude and longitude

EDDMapSWest provides ability to:

  • View data by county, state, or entire US
  • Hide sensitive data
  • Set email alerts for species
  • Track monitoring and follow up site visits
  • Verify data by CDA staff

How to Report Noxious Weeds in EDDMapSWest

  1. Register for an EDDMapSWest account
  2. Data Standards (what data to collect) 
    How to enter and bulk upload data
  3. How to view and download data


EDDMapSWest Video Tutorials

  1. Account registration and weed reporting on website
  2. Using the mobile app
  3. Moving data, setting alerts, and training


Additional Resources

Edit Shapefile Attribute Table (without ArcGIS) 

AgTerra Strider Form 
Formatted for EDDMapS. Upload this form into Agterra accounts.

Create UUID (.zip)
For use with ESRI. Instructions for populating UUID field using a script.


Youtube Videos

Customize AgTerra Strider Form (video)

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