Noxious Weed Grants and Financial Assistance

In 1997, the Colorado Legislature established the Colorado Noxious Weed Management Fund to provide additional financial resources for on-the-ground noxious weed management. Organized private interests, conservation districts, municipalities, and counties have been eligible to apply for assistance provided that awarded funds are used to enhance weed management efforts within the State of Colorado. Over the initial five years that the Fund was supported by the General Assembly, the Colorado Department of Agriculture disbursed $1,255,000 for noxious weed management, education, and mapping.

From 2008 to 2014, the Fund was supported by CDA’s Agriculture Management Fund, which contributed about $1 million to support local noxious weed management projects. Since 2015, the Fund has benefitted from a $700,000 annual appropriation from the General Assembly.  On average, every dollar of the State's investment has been matched by more than five dollars of private, local, other state, and federal resources. Awards are made on a competitive basis as recommended by a committee of individuals representing the perspectives and experiences of professionals and academic researchers in weed science; state noxious weed managers; Colorado government officials; public natural resource managers; and representatives from agriculture, local weed programs, and environmental interests.

Additionally, the Noxious Weed Program continues to administer federal noxious weed management funds from the U.S. Forest Service’s State and Private Forestry program.  These funds are devoted to managing noxious weeds on private lands in the vicinity of National Forests and Grasslands in order to prevent the spread of noxious weeds onto federal lands.

Colorado Weed Management Grants

Colorado Weed Management Grant Forms
2018 NWF & SPF Grant Deadline: December 15, 2017.

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Grants Awarded

The Noxious Weed Program funds three grant types, all focused on on-the-ground noxious weed management. For 2015, the Weed Fund (53 projects, in yellow) consists of state general funds appropriated to the program to be spent statewide on high-priority control projects. A part of the Weed Fund is the Disaster Relief Fund (6 projects, in red) which supports projects that aim to assess, monitor and treat noxious weed populations that have appeared following natural disasters such as wildfire or floods. The State and Private Forestry program (12 projects, in blue) is funded by the U.S. Forest Service. These projects are directed to private lands near USFS lands with the intent of preventing noxious weed spread onto the federal lands. Clicking on the points will give you the title of the project and the grant recipient.


2016 Noxious Weed Grants Awarded

Other Funding Opportunities

There are several dedicated funds that annually solicit funding proposals related to weed management. Please check the following websites for additional information: