Noxious Weed Advisory Committee

Nominations are now being sought to fill three positions within the State Noxious Weed Advisory Committee.
Application deadline: December 20, 2019.
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The Colorado Noxious Weed Advisory Committee was established in 2003 and consists of 17 members that are appointed by the commissioner. Of the 17 members, at least:

  • one member represents private and public landowners or land managers;
  • two members represent weed management professionals from the federal, state, or local levels;
  • one member represents public or private weed scientists;
  • two members represent local governing bodies (counties and municipalities);
  • four members are agricultural producers;
  • three members shall represent knowledgeable resource specialists or industries, including, but not limited to, environmental organizations; and
  • one non-voting member of the Colorado Department of Transportation, and one non-voting member of the Department of Natural Resources.

The department makes every effort to balance not only the interests of the committee but also to ensure that representation reflects the different geographic areas of the state equally, to the greatest extent possible.

The state advisory committee provides a critical link between the citizens of Colorado and the Colorado Department of Agriculture. The committee members' primary responsibility is to solicit input from similar stakeholders within each member's area of expertise and/or region of the state as well as to communicate the committee's recommendations to the department to the region and stakeholders represented by each member.

Terms are limited to two years each and appointees are limited to two full terms each. These members meet quarterly in locations across the state to make recommendations to the department concerning the:

  • designation of state noxious weeds;
  • classification of state noxious weeds;
  • development and implementation of state weed management plans; and
  • prescribed techniques for eradication, containment, and suppression of state noxious weeds.

In addition, the state advisory committee will:

  • measure the results and effectiveness of endeavors to eradicate, contain, and suppress noxious weeds;
  • recommend to the Commissioner ways to enhance statewide efforts to stop the spread of noxious weeds.

All interested Coloradans are encouraged to identify one or more members of the state advisory committee that may be best able to represent their interests and perspectives in noxious weed management. Contact them and share your opinions. Ask to be kept informed of their discussions and recommendations.

Advisory Committee Members

No. Perspective Name Region
1 Private Landowner Dennis Smialek Bennett
2 Federal Weed Manager John Ring Lakewood
3 County Weed Manager Steve Anthony Rifle
4 Public Weed Scientist Scott Nissen Fort Collins
5 County Official Gene Glover Monte Vista
6 Municipal Official Vacant  
7 Ag Producer John Brownell Alamosa
8 Ag Producer Vacant  
9 Ag Producer Matthew Wacker Springfield
10 Ag Producer Ron Arpin Brighton
11 Green Industry Dustin Terrell Greeley
12 Conservation Organization Rusty Lloyd Grand Junction
13 Resource Specialist Pamela Smith Fort Collins
14 At-large Johnnie Hamilton   Model
15 At-large Drew Marino Creede
16 CDOT (non-voting) Mark Eike Craig
17 DNR (non-voting) Wilbur Strickert Sterling


Quarterly Meeting Agenda/Minutes