Matching Grants Program

The Natural Resources Matching Grants Program

  • open to all Colorado Conservation districts that are in "Good Standing" (meeting minimum standards as required by state statute and the CSCB [set forth on the APW])
  • to help them implement private lands on-the-ground conservation projects and educational conservation activities
  • provides matching state funds towards the costs of such projects and activities within each district
  • the district and their partners provide the other funding – half of the state award must be matched with hard cash (see the Application Guidelines for details)

The grant is competitive and a committee of government and private conservation experts score the applications based on:

  • focused approach with measurable outcomes
  • conservation impact
  • feasibility
  • district involvement
  • partner involvement

Please be sure to read the Application Guidelines and Operational Guidelines or Matching Grant Key Points before submitting your application to ensure full understanding of the requirements and commitment involved.

  • For the 2019 matching grants, the potential award amount will be $1,000 to $25,000, depending on funding availability
  • EFT required for reimbursements

Contact the CSCB main office or your regional CSCB Field Specialist with questions about the program.

Grant Funding Diagram
Grant Funding Diagram

2019 Matching Grants Application Materials


2019 Matching Grants Operational Materials


2018 Operational Materials

Contact the Grant Administrator if you need materials for 2018.

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