Garlic mustard

(Alliaria petiolata)

  • Mustard family
  • Annual/ biennial herb
  • 1-3 ft. tall and 1 ½ feet wide
  • Tiny 1/4 in. four petaled, white flowers on short racemes
  • Blooms late April to May. May bloom again in July-August
  • Stems erect and sparsely hairy
  • Mature stem leaves are heart shaped, up to 6 in. long and 1-4in. wide. Leaves reduce in size as they move up the stem. First year plants consist of kidney shaped leaves in a basal rosette close to the ground
  • Fruit is an erect slender 1 ½- 2 in. pod called a silique. Each pod contains two rows of shiny black seeds which are released when the pod splits open. One plant can produce hundreds of seeds