ACRE3 - How to Participate

Eastern Plains Natural FoodsThe Colorado Department of Agriculture has partnered with the Colorado Energy Office and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service-Colorado to promote the development of agricultural energy efficiency, micro-hydropower, and renewable thermal energy projects. All EQIP-eligible Colorado agricultural producers and processors can receive technical and financial assistance from the ACRE3 program.

The ACRE3 program can help you with the 3 stages of your energy project:

  1. Evaluate Your Energy Options 
    Our Energy Specialist or a Technical Service Provider can work with you to obtain a site assessment to begin your Agricultural Energy Management Plan or Feasibility Study for your energy project.
  2. Formulate an Energy Management Plan
    Your energy audit or feasibility study will provide recommendations to help you formulate a plan and make the most of your energy savings opportunities. Our Energy Specialist can also work with you to develop a plan that meets your needs.
  3. Implement Your Plan
    The ACRE3 program can help you obtain financing and find a registered Technical Service Provider through the NRCS or work with our Energy Specialist to carry out your Energy Management Plan.
The ACRE3 program will begin accepting applications for technical and financial assistance in early 2015. Stay connected so that we can inform you when our program services become available. 

Learn About Energy Options:

  • Educate Yourself
  • Evaluate Your Opportunities

Contact Us

If you have a potential project in any of our three priority areas, we can help you evaluate and develop your project. Contact us to find out more about our technical and financial assistance services and next steps.

Search For or Register to Become a Technical Service Provider

If your project is approved, you may obtain reimbursable services from a registered Technical Service Provider to help you develop your energy project. The Colorado Department of Agriculture has partnered with USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service in Colorado to provide technical services through their registered service providers.