New Brands

Applying for a New Brand

To apply for a new brand in Colorado you must submit your request in writing along with an initiation fee of $200.00. You may contact this office at (303) 869-9160 to request a new brand application or download the application.

Most new brands contain two letters or numbers along with a character such as a bar, slash or quarter circle. It is very difficult to record a two-character brand in Colorado due to the numerous brands already on record, and the fact that in Colorado we do not record separate positions of where the brand must be placed on the animal. A majority of new brands issued contain at least three characters. This office discourages connecting several brand characters together due to the problem of "blotching" the brand upon application to the animal. If the new brand request contains a "miscellaneous object," a regular brand character must be placed either in front of or on top of the miscellaneous object.

The brand requested must be researched against all the current brands on record for conflicts or similar brands. The Brand Commissioner must approve all new brands to be issued. This office has a list of conflicts that we consider and research each time a new brand request is submitted. Simply because a brand is not in the brand book does not mean that brand can be recorded as a new brand. This office requires that at least two things are different between the brand requested and any other current brand in the direct market area.

Allow at least three to six weeks research time for all new brand requests. Upon approval of a new brand, the applicant is mailed the deed to be signed, notarized and returned to the Brand Office within 30 days. The $200.00 initiation fee is then applied as a credit to the recording fee and the applicant must send in the assessment fee that is due for the period the brand is to be recorded until the next assessment period. The assessment fee for new brands is pro-rated each year.


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