Livestock inspection information


1. An inspection is required every time an animal is sold or purchased (horses, cattle, mules and donkeys) or when any change of ownership occurs, regardless of whether or not the animal is transported after or prior to the sale.
(C.R.S. 35-53-105, 35-53-112)

2. An inspection is required when livestock is to be transported over 75 miles totally within the boundaries of Colorado (some exceptions).
(C.R.S. 35-53-105, 35-53-112)

3. An inspection is required every time livestock leave the state regardless of circumstances.
(C.R.S. 35-53-105, 35-53-112)

4. Items 2 and 3 may be accomplished by the owner obtaining a "PERMANENT TRAVEL CARD" (for horses only). Simply contact your local inspector.
(C.R.S. 35-53-129)

5. Any time livestock is to be transported on a public road, proof of ownership of the stock being transported must be available for inspection by the Colorado State Patrol, local law enforcement or a livestock inspector. If the animal carries your Colorado brand, this can be your proof of ownership. Failure to show proof of title is a misdemeanor!
(C.R.S. 35-53-117)

6. Animals being transported by a commercial hauler must have a "Bill of Lading" showing point of origin, destination, number of head, color, sex, the hot iron brands and signed by the owner or agent of the stock even if an inspection is not required.
(C.R.S. 35-53-117)

7. Animals being transported by anyone other than the legal owner should have a letter or note from the owner authorizing that transport in conjunction with the inspection certificate (if required).

8. Any livestock crossing a state line must be accompanied by a current health certificate. Contact your local veterinarian or the state veterinarian's office (303-869-9130) for specific information.

9. Failure to comply with Colorado Livestock Law is at least a Class I misdemeanor and may be a felony. $250.00 minimum fine and/or up to 90 days jail time for the first offense.
(C.R.S. 35-53-112)

The following items are a highlighted overview of the requirements to purchase, sell or transport livestock within Colorado or from the state.