More Confirmed Cases of Equine West Nile Virus (WNV) in Colorado

October 13, 2017

The Colorado Department of Agriculture has received reports of four additional cases of horses with West Nile Virus since our last update on September 5, bringing the total count to nine in 2017.  Cases have been confirmed in the following Colorado counties:  Boulder, Lincoln, Mesa, Larimer (3), Yuma, Weld, and Montezuma. 

Vaccines in horses have proven to be a very effective prevention tool.  Horses that have been vaccinated in past years need an annual booster shot.  If an owner did not vaccinate their animal in previous years, the horse will need the two-shot vaccination series within a three to four week period. 

In addition to vaccinations, horse owners also need to reduce the mosquito populations and their possible breeding areas.  Recommendations include removing stagnant water sources, keeping animals inside during the bugs’ feeding times, which are typically early in the morning and evening, and using mosquito repellents. 

Information for Veterinarians:

Veterinarians need to call the State Veterinarian’s Office at (303)869-9130 to report suggestive signs of reportable diseases, even if the disease has not been confirmed.  If it is after-hours, our office phone message will indicate which staff veterinarian is on call.  Visit our website to see the 2017 Reportable Disease List or click here to view the list as a PDF.   

It is important that the State Veterinarian’s Office receive the following information in order to follow-up on cases:

  • Veterinarian contact information
  • Owner contact and premises information
  • Animal information, including identification (microchip number, tattoo, or brand)
  • Physical location of the animal (if different than the owner’s address)
  • Purpose of testing (diagnostic testing for neurologic symptoms for reportable disease, abortion storms (EHV), or vaccination titers)

Keep an eye out for the new reportable disease forms coming soon from the Colorado Department of Agriculture!  These will be available on our website as an online submission form and fillable PDF.