Colorado Aquaculture Board

Colorado Aquaculture Board

The Colorado Aquaculture Board (CAB) consists of the five members of the Fish Health Board, as set up under the Colorado Parks and Wildlife statutes, as well as two additional members.  The Commissioner of Agriculture appoints five of the seven total members with the other two being appointed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  Board terms are three years.  If you are interested in serving on the board please call 303-869-9149.

The CAB has four primary duties:

1.      The board shall consider, initiate, and recommend rules, not inconsistent with law, to the commissioner concerning the regulation of the aquaculture industry and its markets, except for rules that regulate, control, or otherwise relate to fish health, to the spread of aquatic disease, or to the importation into the state or the distribution and management of any exotic aquatic species, all of which subjects are within the jurisdiction of the parks and wildlife commission.

2.      The board shall develop appropriate programs to assist in the protection, growth, and promotion of the aquaculture industry of the state and shall recommend policies and procedures to the commissioner and the commission for the accomplishment of such a plan.

3.      The board shall review any suspensions or revocations of aquaculture facility permits and any orders for the destruction of aquatic organisms or for quarantine of aquaculture facilities which last beyond thirty days, and all such suspensions, revocations, and orders shall be conditioned upon the board's approval; except that destruction orders may be approved by the commissioner upon a determination that a situation exists which threatens imminent danger to existing aquatic populations or to human health and safety and that no more reasonable means exist to control the situation.

4.      The board shall review aquaculture facility permitting procedures and shall make recommendations to the department concerning such procedures and any related fees and charges.


CAB Meeting Minutes