There are many very important links that students and parents need to access when conducting college, career, and scholarship searches, filling out the FAFSA, finding college contact information, and many other related activities.  Many of the most crucial web links may be accessed by clicking on "Important Links" above.

Scholarships available to seniors range from small amounts up to thousands of dollars; from local to international in scope; and from both private organizations and public institutions - and available scholarships are often organized into those types of categories.  The listings here, however, will be broken into three areas based on the availability of the applications:  Those scholarships for which applications are available directly from this website as downloads; those scholarships for which applications are available from outside web addresses; and those scholarships which are not yet available online, but which are sent to the school in paper form, and must be picked up from the scholarship files at school.

Note - a spreadsheet with all of the above scholarships listed, including those available online and those available only at the school, may be found at this link.