Available Scholarships to Download

If you find that a scholarship has an outdated application, click here to access the online folders, searchable by due dates. 

Scholarship Name Due Date
Mountain View Electric Association Scholarship January 15
Mountain View Electric Association VoTech Scholarship January 15
Colorado Association of Career Colleges and Schools (submit to office) February 2
County Sheriffs of Colorado Scholarship Program (Lincoln County is eligible in 2019) February 19
Stratton Equity Cooperative Scholarship March 1
Foundation for Rural Service (ESRTA) March 3
Colorado Garden Foundation Scholarship March 15
Our Hometown Charitable Foundation Scholarship March 15
Centennial Mental Health Scholarship March 15
Prairie Development Corporation Scholarship March 20
American Society of Military Comptrollers John C Scott Scholarship March 26
Kit Carson County Clerk's Scholarship March 29
Lincoln County Clerk's Scholarship March 29
Kelly Bode Memorial Scholarship April 1
Petersen, Crystal Horatio Alger Life Sciences Scholarship April 1
Plains Education Foundation Scholarship April 1
  April 4
Kit Carson County Health Service District April 5
Lester & Georgia Lee Andersen Memorial Scholarship April 12
Bancroft, Evan Memorial Scholarship April 15
Gift of Life Scholarship April 15
Jim McDonald Memorial Scholarship  April 15
Masonic Scholarship April 15
Schifferns, Edna L Memorial Scholarship April 15
Vassios, William Memorial Scholarship April 15
Community Vision Alliance Scholarship April 20
Flagler High School Alumni Scholarship April 30
Cibrowski Family Foundation Scholarship April 30
Borland, Hal and Barbara Scholarship May 1
Royce Borden Memorial Scholarship May 1
Flagler Firemen Edmund L Smith Memorial Scholarship May 1
Flagler High School Student Council Scholarship May 1
Flagler Lion's Club Scholarship May 1
High Plains Bank Scholarship May 2
CrossRoads Youth Works Scholarship May 10
Brush Rodeo Association Scholarship May 15
Kit Carson County Memorial Healthcare Foundation Scholarship May 20