How the 9-1-1 System is funded in Colorado

Funding for the operation of the Emergency Telephone System (E 911) comes from the surcharge affixed to each landline, wireless, and interconnected Voice-over-Internet-Protocol access line in the area for which the Authority provides service located in Arapahoe County.

ACE9-1-1 is authorized by statute to set a monthly fee for these surcharges. This charge may be set at a rate up to 70¢ per access line per month. Rates greater than 70¢ can be set with the approval of the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (C.R.S. §29-11-102). Currently, the surcharge rate for the Arapahoe County 911 Authority is $0.70, which is the lowest rate in the State of Colorado along with several other 911 authories.

Each year, ACE9-1-1 is required by Colorado State Statute to set the surcharge rate for the coming year. ACE9-1-1 develops a budget based on the predicted revenue and approves the budget in a public hearing each November.

As of January 1, 2011, Colorado has a surcharge on prepaid wireless minutes for the purpose of providing 9-1-1 services. This rate is 1.4% and is assessed on any retail transaction of prepaid wireless telecommunications minutes that are sold in Colorado or to a person residing in Colorado. These funds are remitted by the retailers to the Colorado Department of Revenue, which will then distribute the funds to the local 9-1-1 Authorities using a formula based on wireless call volume (C.R.S. §29-11-102.5).

Agency Operating Fund Policy