Resources and Links

  • Consultant Resources - OPS has developed a list of subcontractors and suppliers to be utilized by owners/operators and contractors for the purpose of publicly sharing information. This resource list can aid in the process of finding local resources and obtaining bids for scopes of work. 
  • Recycling Facilities - OPS has developed a list of concrete and asphalt recycling facilities located within the State of Colorado.
  • Green and Sustainable Remediation - OPS has summarized Green and Sustainable Remediation practices as they apply to our program and provided additional published information in this resource.
  • Permits - OPS has created a summary sheet on permits that provides links and information on Monitoring Well, Underground Injection Control, Air Pollutant Emission Notification and Electrical and Plumbing permits.
  • Landfills - The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has developed a list of landfills within the State of Colorado.