What's New

CAP Course for REPs Rescheduled for December 6

OPS will be providing the third offering of the Corrective Action Plan Preparation course on Thursday, December 6, 2018, starting at 9:00 am.

(This course was originally scheduled for October 17, but we have postponed it to December 6 to allow more time for people who need to take the course to sign up.)

The CAP Preparation course is a continuing education requirement for all Recognized Environmental Professionals (REPs), and both current and prospective REPs may attend. 

REPs who took this course in either September or October of 2017 do not need to take it again.

Space is limited, so sign up now!

If you have any questions, please contact Rob Herbert, Petroleum Remediation Supervisor, at 303-318-8543 or robert.herbert@state.co.us.

List of Certified Labs Now Available

In order to help Fund applicants locate certified laboratories, we have added a page on the website where we will maintain a current list.

View the list: Certified Labs

Self-certification Added to Invoices

Beginning in August, the Annual Tank Registration Invoice will include a short compliance self-certification along with a summary of the fees owed. By submitting payment, the owner/operator will acknowledge familiarity with OPS regulatory requirements and agree to make all required records available to OPS for review upon request.

Registration fees can be paid online at colorado.gov/TankRegistration or by check.

If paying by check, it should be made payable to the Division of Oil and Public Safety and mailed to:
Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
Division of Oil and Public Safety
PO Box 628
Denver, CO 80201-0628

Please include your account number on the check and include a copy of the invoice with your payment to ensure proper credit.

If you have any past due registration fees, the invoice will alert you to call 303-318-8538 to get those paid.

View the sample invoice below to see the new layout.

Incentive Program

The Petroleum Program has the authority to use moneys in the Petroleum Storage Tank Fund to provide underground or aboveground storage tank owners and operators who maintain significant operational compliance with incentives in the form of reduced deductibles when upgrading existing tank systems in response to a release. 

View the Incentive Program Overview document for more details about how to apply.

Petroleum Program news is posted here as updates become available. Check the Calendar of Events for information about upcoming training classes and other events.