Case Connect FAQ

What is Case Connect?  Case Connect is the OAC's electronic filing system.  With Case Connect you can complete forms and submit them to the Court.

I don't have access to a computer.  Do I have to use Case Connect?  No.  Use of the system is voluntary.  If you prefer to submit your forms/pleadings on paper you can still do so.  However, it will take longer for your submissions to be processed and other parties who are using the system may receive orders and or notices before you do.

When does Case Connect go live?  **Updated** Case Connect will go live and be available to the public as of Monday, April 14, 2014.  Case Connect forms submitted prior to this date will be rejected.  

Where do I start?  To submit a form/pleading using Case Connect, go to  There you will find a list of all available forms for use with Case Connect, or that can be printed and filed with the court.

Are there written instructions for using Case Connect?  Yes.  Click HERE for instructions.

There is not a form listed for what I want to file.  What do I do now?  Even if the pleading you want to file does not have a form, you can still utilize Case Connect.  Simply draft your pleading (either in Word or as a PDF document) and attach it to the Pleading Submission form.

I have no idea what form to complete.  Now what?  Case Connect has a wizard that will walk you through a series of questions to direct you to the form that you need.

How do I know that my form was accepted?  In addition to the e-mail you receive indicating that a form has been submitted, you will receive a second e-mail once the clerk has reviewed your filing.  If there is a problem and your form is rejected, you will receive additional instructions on why it was rejected and what needs to be changed.

I submitted a form via Case Connect.  Should I also file a copy via fax and/or US Mail?  NO.  Additional copies of forms will not be processed and will instead be shreaded.  

I want to submit a form via Case Connect, but I still want to receive orders and notices on paper.  Is this possible?  Yes.  On almost all forms, there is a contact preference.  If you choose mail, you will be asked to accept the following:  You have selected traditional mail as your preferred contact method.  This may result in delay in receipt of any procedural or final order.  If you accept these terms, please check below.  If you do not, please select "Email." 


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