Envision Idaho Springs



"Envision Idaho Springs 2017", Idaho Springs' updated Comprehensive Plan, was adopted by resolution by the City Council on November 13, 2017.


The Plan can be viewed here

Land Use and Character Area Map here

Potential Multifamily Sites Map here


What is a Comprehensive Plan?


The Comprehensive Plan is a long-range plan that looks into the future. It articulates a vision for the future of the City of Idaho Springs and provides the goals and actions to achieve that vision. It is a document that provides guidance to City Council, Planning Commission, City staff, residents, businesses, and developers to make informed decisions about the current and future needs of the community.


Why did we update this Plan?


The previous Idaho Springs Comprehensive Plan was adopted July of 2008 and was nearly 9 years old. Generally, plans like these are reviewed on an annual basis and updated every 5 years. Much has occurred within Idaho Springs and the greater Denver Metropolitan Area since the adoption of the previous Plan. This includes the Great Recession, the devolution and ongoing construction of Colorado Blvd, designs of the Clear Creek Greenway and expansion of Courtney-Cooper-Riley Park, potential development of the Argo Mine and Mill, improvements along I-70, expansion of the twin tunnels, abandonment of the Clear Creek middle and high school building, legalization of marijuana, pending closure of the Henderson Mine, explosive increase in Front Range population and growing affordable housing crisis.


Some of the issues that are addressed by the Comprehensive Plan include:

  • What is unique about Idaho Springs?
  • Where should density occur in Idaho Springs?
  • Should all the manufactured home parks be allowed to continue, and/or replaced?
  • Which areas of the City should be preserved? Which should be redeveloped? What should they look like?
  • If redevelopment occurs within the established residential neighborhoods, what densities and housing types should be allowed?
  • Incorporation of previous studies into the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Are public facilities adequate? Where should future facilities be located?
  • Where should future trail connections and parks be located?
  • Are there areas where heights in excess of 35’ should be allowed?
  • How is Idaho Springs deficient in regard to aging in place and senior services?
  • Which transportation improvements are still needed? How should they look?


Please direct any questions to:


Alan Tiefenbach
Community Development Planner
City of Idaho Springs
303-567-4421 ext 118