• Downtown Lake City and Town Park

  • Lake San Cristobal Overlook

  • Hinsdale County Courthouse

  • County boat dock at Lake San Cristobal

  • View of Lake San Cristobal from Wupperman Campground

  • Moose at Deer Lakes

  • Ute-Ulay Historic Mine and Townsite Buildings

  • Deer Lakes area

    Deer Lakes Area


Backcountry Updates


CR 20 (Henson creek road/Engineer Pass):  Open to Animas Forks. Alternate route from Animas Forks to Silverton due to deep snow, Animas Forks to California Gulch to Hurricane Basin to Silverton.

CR 30 (lake road/Cinammon Pass): Closed past American Basin.

It is VERY important to abide by these road closures. Both vehicles and roads are damaged when drivers ignore road closures.

Current Streamflow Conditions

Click HERE to follow current stream flow conditions in the waterways around Lake City through the USGS monitoring  program. Scroll down to #1402002 UPPER GUNNISON for several area sites.

Lake City sites include:



As of June 21, 2019, the Petition to recall Hinsdale County Commissioner, Stanley W. Whinnery, has been deemed sufficient.

The number of signatures required is 145 and the number of signatures validated is 168.

As of June 21, 2019, the 15 calendar day Protest Period to file any protests against the determination of sufficiency begins.

At this time a Successor Candidate Petition can begin circulation, after approval of format, and has to be filed with the Hinsdale County Clerk within 15 calendar days.