Resources: Population health

Welcome to the SIM population resource page. This page comprises resources for care teams that will help your team succeed with integrating physical and behavioral health in primary care settings and succeed with alternative payment models from a population health perspective. Also be sure to check out the practice management, patient engagement and health information techology resources page for more tools that will help your practice succeed.

This page will continue to be updated through July 31, 2019 so be sure to check back again soon!

Call-to-action to improve the health of boys to men

The Colorado State Innovation Model (SIM) has issued a statewide call-to-action to improve mental health. The audience includes professionals, who have direct accountability for prevention and health promotion activities, such as people who work for state agencies, legislators, local public health agencies and foundation funders, as well as non traditional partners in health care such as teachers and coaches. Read, share the report and take an active role in improving mental health in Colorado.

Let's Talk Colorado

The goal of the SIM-funded Let’s Talk Colorado media campaign is to initiate an inclusive conversation about mental health and reduce stigma. All Coloradans benefit when we learn to discuss our mental health, and those of us who need treatment are more likely to seek it when we all agree that mental health is everyone’s responsibility. Join the conversation today.

Man Therapy

Man Therapy is a unique approach to addressing high rates of depression and suicide rates among men. Learn more about this effort, which receives SIM funding, by listening to the this edpisode of Innovation Insights, a SIM podcast series.


Regional health connectors

Regional health connectors (RHCs), which were partially funded by SIM, are helping practices across Colorado provide behavioral health supports to patients by connecting them with community services. Learn more online and connect with your local RHC.


SIM podcasts

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