Resources: Patient engagement

Welcome to the SIM patient engagement resource page. This page comprises resources for care teams that will help your team succeed with integrating physical and behavioral health in primary care settings and succeed with alternative payment models from the perspective of engaging your patients. Also be sure to check out the practice management, health information technology and population health resources page for more tools that will help your practice succeed.

This page will continue to be updated through July 31, 2019 so be sure to check back again soon!

Patient-facing materials for providers

Materials developed by SIM help practices communicate their work to deliver integrated physical and behavioral health care to patients. The goal is to help practices share what is frequently behind-the-scenes work, and prompt discussions. The patient-facing material, which was shared via email with practices in December 2018, was reviewed by the SIM consumer engagement workgroup and the Member Experience Advisory Council, a patient group convened by the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing. SIM practice representatives can download and customize the material and are encouraged to use it.

Patient engagement page on SIM website

SIM-funded practice teams are motivated by the fact that integrating behavioral and physical health in primary care practice sites improves patient outcomes and reduces or avoids unnecessary costs. The following stories prove this to be true. From patient podcasts to stories from care teams, you’ll see how delivering integrated care improves patient outcomes, enhances care team morale and helps practices succeed with alternative payment models. Colorado was the only SIM state to select integrated care to help practices succeed with APMs and SIM data (both qualitative and quantitative) proves this approach works.

SIM newsroom

SIM is working with approximately 25 percent of the primary care practices in the state to integrate physical and behavioral health care. SIM providers understand the importance of delivering "whole-person care" that includes mental and physical health and also addresses substance use and healthy behaviors. Read about their work in these consumer media stories

SIM podcasts

Note: If any of the podcasts below will not play, please click here for a list of all SIM podcasts with download links.