Statewide Data Analytics Contractor (SDAC)

The Accountable Care Collaborative (ACC) is a new Medicaid program to improve clients' health and reduce costs. Medicaid clients in the ACC will receive the regular Medicaid benefit package, and will also belong to a ”Regional Care Collaborative Organization" (RCCO). Medicaid clients will also choose a Primary Care Medical Provider (PCMP).

The ACC is a central part of Medicaid reform that changes the incentives and health care delivery processes for providers from one that rewards a high volume of services to one that holds them accountable for health outcomes.

The Statewide Data and Analytics Contractor, or (SDAC), is Treo Solutions. They are responsible for:
  • Building and implementing the ACC data repository;

  • Creating reports using advanced health care analytics;

  • Hosting and maintaining a Web Portal;

  • Fostering accountability and ongoing improvement among RCCOs and providers; and

  • Identifying data-driven opportunities to improve care and outcomes;

  • SDAC Fact Sheet

The SDAC contract with the Department was procured in a competitive bidding process in late 2010. Click on the links below to view the Request for Proposals and associated documents.

Statewide Data and Analytics (SDAC) Request for Proposal (RFP)