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Fiscal Agent Name Change

References to the current fiscal agent will now be DXC Technology (DXC), due to the Enterprise Services business of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) merging with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) to form DXC.

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They've moved! Find the Revalidation and Enrollment instructions on our Provider Enrollment web page.

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Emails to Providers

PDF icon EM Code Resolution 7-24-17.pdf47.53 KB
PDF icon EM Codes Notice 7-18-2017.pdf45.76 KB
PDF icon June interChange Update 6-5-2017.pdf56.76 KB
PDF icon Community Mental Health Center Claims Guidance 5-31-2017.pdf48.9 KB
PDF icon Assignment of 835 to TP.pdf46.34 KB
PDF icon Clarification - Temporary Timely Filing Extension 4-27-17.pdf48.23 KB
PDF icon Temporary Timely Filing Extension 4-27-2017.pdf45.1 KB
PDF icon NEMT Providers 4-19-2017.pdf44.2 KB
PDF icon Please resubmit your denied CMS 1500 Claims - 4-17-2017.pdf43.91 KB
PDF icon Hospitals can now verify up to 5 years of historical eligibility 4-17-2017.pdf44.86 KB
PDF icon Nursing Facility PETI PARs and Claim Denials 4-5-2017.pdf111.57 KB
PDF icon Overview of Provider Resources interChange 3-31-2017.pdf773.86 KB
PDF icon Patient Liability Calculation Method 3-30-2017.pdf44.38 KB
PDF icon FQHC RHC IHS Claims Denials 3-30-2017.pdf43.94 KB
PDF icon HCBS - PAR Related Claims Issues 3-23-2017.pdf49.56 KB
PDF icon Qualified Medicare Beneficiary program QMB Update 3-30-2017.pdf45.76 KB
PDF icon Letter for Providers from Case Management Agencies 3-23-2017.pdf35.73 KB
PDF icon Pharmacy Claim Denials 3-17-2017.pdf47.88 KB
PDF icon DentaQuest Payment Delay 3-16-2017.pdf229.89 KB
PDF icon Nursing Facility Patient Liability Issue.pdf44.23 KB
PDF icon Medicare Coverage - Denials for EOB 4510 3-16-2017.pdf46.87 KB
PDF icon Webinar Recordings 3-16-2017.pdf161.42 KB
PDF icon Email to Home Health and PDM 3-13-2017.pdf47.39 KB
PDF icon CO_TXIX message to Clearinghouses 3-13-2017.pdf44.47 KB
PDF icon COMMIT Update to all providers 3-13-2017.pdf61.65 KB
PDF icon Second notice - Message to all providers about Pharmacy PARs 3-6-2017.pdf45.03 KB
PDF icon COMMIT Go Live Followup to all providers 3-6-2017.pdf52.31 KB
PDF icon Pharmacy Reversals 3-3-2017.pdf43.68 KB
PDF icon Message to all providers about Pharmcay PARs 3-2-2017.pdf44.81 KB
PDF icon Message to Pharmacies about Web Portal 3-1-2017.pdf44.86 KB
PDF icon Go Live has arrived 3-1-2017.pdf51.11 KB
PDF icon EM Code Resolution 7-24-17.pdf47.53 KB