Provider Revalidation & Enrollment

Training License Now Accepted for Ordering, Prescribing or Referring (OPR) Provider Enrollment: In response to provider concerns, the Department will now allow OPR providers with training licenses to enroll with Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid Program). OPR providers enrolling with a training license must use taxonomy code 390200000X on the enrollment application to indicate the training license. Training licenses are not accepted for Individual Within a Group (IWG) or billing individual enrollments; full licenses are required.

Individual Providers Enrolling with a Social Security Number (SSN) May Only Have One Medicaid ID: Providers with any of the following individual types may only have one application associated to a SSN, even if they provide services in multiple locations: Billing individuals; Individuals within a group (IWG); Ordering, prescribing and referring (OPR) providers. An additional application for any of these individual types with the same SSN and same NPI as a previous application (regardless of whether the individual type is the same as on the previous application) may result in the application being denied as a duplicate or denied claims. Individuals may affiliate with multiple groups in different locations.

Ordering, Prescribing or Referring (OPR) Application Not Required for Individual Within a Group (IWG) Providers with Prescriptive Authority: Providers with prescriptive authority who are enrolled as an active IWG (rendering provider) may be prescribers. They are not required to complete an additional OPR application. OPR enrollments are for providers who do not submit payment directly to Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid Program) but only prescribe, refer or order for Health First Colorado members. Submitting an OPR application with the same Social Security Number (SSN) as a previously enrolled IWG may result in the application being denied as a duplicate or in denied claims.

3-Day Override on Claims for Emergency Medication Dispensing: In an emergency situation, the Department will place a 3-day override on a claim written by an unenrolled prescriber so that the member can obtain the medication(s) that they need. This will mirror the current override process. Please refer to Appendix P for more information on the override process.



Thank you for your interest in becoming a Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program) provider or your participation in revalidation. The following instructions apply to both new enrollments and revalidations alike.

Please do not begin the application before reviewing these online resources. An incorrect or incomplete application requires additional review that may add weeks to your application’s processing time.

best practices

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Provider Services Call Center

Until further notice, the Provider Services Call Center (1-844-235-2387) hours will be:

  • 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. MT Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday
  • 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. MT Wednesday & Friday

The Provider Services Call Center will be utilizing the time between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays to return calls to providers.

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