Long-Term Services and Supports Dear Administrator Letters

Note: To align policy guidance, operational, and informational communications, the Department of Health Care Policy & Financing has adopted the Memo Series for written communications in place of other types of communications such as Agency and Director Letters, Dear Administrator Letters, Communications Briefs, and others.

Dear Administrator Letters (DAL) are correspondence from the Department's Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) Division to Single Entry Point Agencies, case managers, LTSS/HCBS providers, various contractors, and health facilities regarding policy, procedures or process.

Each letter contains contact information if there are additional questions or concerns.

DAL # Category Subject Effective Date Additional Attachments


Pre-Admission Level I Identification Screen Form (PASRR Level I form) November 6, 2017  


Nursing Facilities Respite Care Certification Standards and Procedures for Nursing Facilities April 13, 2017  


PASRR Alternative Coding Options for ICD-10 Conversion for "311, Depression Not Otherwise Specified (NOS)" October 20, 2017  
12011502CK CMA New Over Cost Containment Cap Amount February 1, 2016


09301503CK CMA ICD-10 Codes and Targeting Criteria October 1, 2015



CMA Guidance for Writing Narrative Statements in the ULTC Assessment May 11, 2015  
06011501CK CMA New Respite Care Service Rules July 1, 2015


05021501CP CMA New Alternative Care Facility (ACF) Rate July 1, 2015