Family Support Services Program (FSSP)

The Family Support Services Program (FSSP) provides support for families who have children with developmental disabilities or delays with costs that are beyond those normally experienced by other families. The primary purpose of the FSSP is to support children with developmental disabilities or delays remaining within their own nurturing family setting and prevent out-of-home placements.

Who Qualifies?

Families who have eligible children living at home or who are interested in having their child return from an out-of-home placement.

Benefits and Services

Examples of services that may be provided through the program:

  • Medical and Dental Expenses
  • Additional Insurance Expenses
  • Respite Care and Sitter Services
  • Special Equipment, Clothing and Diets
  • Home or Vehicle Adaptations and/or Repairs
  • Home Health Services and Therapies
  • Family Counseling and Support Groups
  • Recreation and Leisure Needs
  • Transportation
  • Homemaker Services

How to Apply

To find out if you're eligible, contact the Community Centered Board (CCB) in your area or the Health First Colorado Member Contact Center.