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Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is currently mandatory!

If you provide services that require EVV and have not yet enrolled,
you must complete enrollment immediately to avoid potential denied claims!

Below select either the State Solution or Provider Choice Systems that you will be enrolling in
to get Readiness Checklists and additional information!

State Solution

I plan on using the state provided EVV system.


  • Complimentary
  • Partnered with Sandata Technologies
  • Required Training? Yes



Provider Choice

I am a provider with a specific vendor or technology that I would like to use to record my EVV. 
My vendor will connect with Sandata Technologies.


  • Connected with Sandata Technologies
  • Open Vendor Selection
  • Required Training? Yes

Do I Need EVV?

I'm not sure if I need EVV.

Please see the EVV Types of Service - Service Code Inclusions
section of the EVV Program Manual
to determine if you are required to use EVV.

All service codes listed in that document must have EVV data prior to claims adjudication.

EVV Main Website

I want to learn more or need something else.






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