Electronic Visit Verification State Solution Provider Information

For general information about the requirement for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), visit our EVV Overview page

Welcome Providers Using the State Solution!

If you have chosen to use the State EVV Solution, this web page will provide information and tools for your implementation. If you would prefer to use the Provider Choice System, you can visit the Provider Choice Systems Information page.

EVV Technologies

The Department has subcontracted with Sandata Technologies for the State EVV Solution. The State Solution utilizes three EVV technologies: mobile application (MVV), telephony (TVV), and a provider web portal.  


Tools for State EVV Solution

Credential Access (eTrac)

Provider Portal Access

Download the Sandata Mobile Connect - 
SMC (Sandata EVV Caregiver App)


Sandata Mobile Connect for IPhone

For iPhone

Sandata Mobile Connect for Android

For Android


Training for the State Solution

Register for State Solution Training

This training is intended for State EVV Solution Providers ONLY and all registration information will be verified prior to the training.

  • Training is free and mandatory
  • Credentials for the State EVV System or Data Aggregator release within two days of training completion
  • Department's EVV vendor offering “Train-the-Trainer” model for agencies
  • Self-paced training is for providers using the State EVV Solution and providers using an alternate EVV system

Register for State Solution Provider Training - This training is intended for State Solution Providers ONLY and all registration information will be verified prior to the training.  Colorado CODE: coevvprovider

Training Resources

EVV Agency Provider Participant Training Guide - June 2020

2020 Training Announcement Communication - March 2020

EVV Training Supplemental Materials Guide - September 2019

EVV Self-Paced Training Supplemental - December 2019


State EVV Solution Readiness Checklist


Questions?  Phone: 855-871-8780
Email: cocustomercare@sandata.com