Electronic Visit Verification Stakeholder Workgroup


The 21st Century CURES Act, passed in December 2016, requires Medicaid programs to implement an Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system for Personal Care and Home Health services. Per section 12006, all states must implement an EVV system to avoid a reduction in federal Medicaid funding, which could have a negative impact on Personal Care and Home Health services received by Health First Colorado members. 

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Stakeholder Engagement 

The Department is in the process of planning multiple opportunities for stakeholder engagement. This page serves as a platform to engage members, providers, and other stakeholders on all operations that are occurring related to EVV. This page will constantly be updated with meetings times/locations, resources for stakeholders, and any other pertinent information regarding EVV. 

The Department recognizes there are multiple services and service delivery options that are impacted by the implementation of EVV.  Therefore, the Department is committed to collaborating with stakeholders as their input is not only essential but vital in the successful development and implementation of EVV for home and community based services offered through both the State Plan and Waivers.

EVV Stakeholder Roadshow Meeting Schedule - May/June 2019

Agendas Meeting Notes/Recordings Handouts

Agenda - June 18, 2019

Agenda - May 21, 2019

Agenda - April 16, 2019

Agenda - March 19, 2019

Agenda - February 19, 2019

Agenda - January 15, 2019


EVV Stakeholder Meeting Webinar Recording - March 19, 2019

EVV Stakeholder Meeting Webinar Recording - February 19, 2019

EVV Stakeholder Meeting Webinar Recording - January 15, 2019

EVV Stakeholder Presentation - June 18, 2019

EVV Stakeholder Presentation - May 21, 2019

EVV Stakeholder Presentation - April 16, 2019

EVV Stakeholder Presentation - March 19, 2019

EVV Stakeholder Presentation - February 19, 2019

EVV Stakeholder Presentation - January 15, 2019


For meeting documents older than 2018, please contact EVV@state.co.us

Reasonable accommodations for the meetings will be provided upon request for persons with disabilities. 
Please contact EVV@state.co.us or 303-866-6265, at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting to make arrangements.