Electronic Visit Verification Implementation

Colorado EVV Implementation Model

The Colorado EVV program has deployed a hybrid model. A hybrid model means that a provider agency may choose to use the State EVV Solution at no cost or an utilize an alternate EVV vendor. The Department has subcontracted with Sandata Technologies for State EVV Solution. The State Solution utilizes three EVV technologies: mobile application, telephony, and a provider web portal. Providers who choose to utilize an alternate EVV solution must ensure that their system is configured to Colorado EVV rules and requirements.

A list of vendors who have interfaced with Sandata in other states is available on the Electronic Visit Verification web page under Resources. Interface time may be reduced by choosing a vendor from this list. The Department does not endorse any vendor or recommend using a vendor from this list. The Department strongly recommends that providers decide if they will utilize an alternate EVV vendor to ensure adequate time for interface testing. It is each provider's responsibility to have a functional EVV solution by late summer 2020.

Colorado EVV Technologies

The Department utilizes three EVV technologies that encompass the State Solution. These technologies are the mobile application, telephony (call-in), and provider web portal. Caregivers will use the mobile application and telephony option in order to capture EVV data in real time. Providers will use the provider portal for any visit maintenance and administrative tasks.