Benefits Utilization System (BUS) Updates

Welcome to the BUS Stop!

We have created a HCPF website (BUS Stop) to help BUS users keep up with BUS and Bridge updates and information.  You will find related contacts, announcements and known issues for all your BUS and Bridge needs.

If you have any questions, please contact Terry Burnham:  Email or 303-866-6240


BUS Announcements

BUS Announcements:

The Critical Incident Reporting (CIR) screen was updated on November 25, 2017.  After the implementation, a few issues were identified.  Please read the following memo to be aware of those issues.  BUS CIR Update Memo 11.27.17

The Benefits Utilization System (BUS) is designed to work with Internet Explorer. The BUS performs best with versions 10 & 11. It is not recommended users access the BUS with other browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. If you do access the BUS using a browser, other than Internet Explorer, you will likely find some of the functionality does not work correctly.

Effective Monday July 3, 2017 - BUS system access usernames and passwords will be sent by encrypted email directly to the BUS user and not to the Agency Security Administrator. Agency Security Administrators will be notified by email, when BUS system usernames are sent to the user.  This change is to bring the BUS in line with the existing process for issuing Bridge system usernames and passwords. 



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Review the "New BUS Access How-To" for Helpful Hints accessing the BUS.  BUS Resource Guide 





Need access?  Need to change your access? Click the appropriate link below and send completed forms to Nina Snyder.  Please use the digital form for faster processing.

Third Party User Access Form – Required for new user access to the BUS/Interchange/Bridge

Third Party Modification Revocation Form – Required to change user details, including level of access, or to revoke access for existing users

Access Form Guide – Instructions for selecting and filling out the appropriate forms



BUS Reports:

BUS Third Party User Access Form Tracker - For viewing user access/modification requests

BUS Tracker Status Report - View reported BUS systems issues/requests



Known BUS Issues:

Below is a link to known BUS Stop issues. 

Please check here before reporting an issue for workarounds and updates.  Thank you!

Known Issues



BUS Resources:

BUS Resources – This is your one-stop location for Quick Guides on using the BUS.  Need help with turning on Spell Checker?  Need to know how to reset your password?  How do I enter a CIRS?   This is your place!!

BUS Update Memos and Newsletters - Check out all this great information while you are here!




CIRS Technical Guide - All you need to know about CIRS is right here.

HCBS Waiver Critical Incident Reporting - Upcoming CIR updates and projects, forms and documents, training guides and definitions   

The Critical Incident Reporting (CIR) screen was updated on November 25, 2017.  After the implementation, a few issues were identified.  Please read the following memo to be aware of those issues.  BUS CIR Update Memo 11.27.17



BUS Training:

Click below for the appropriate training topic:

LTSS Training Topics

CCT Training Topics

CDASS Training with Consumer Direct

CIRS Training Module #1 - Add New CIRS

CIRS Training Module #2 - Add Log Notes Screen

CIRS Training Module #3 - Editing and Deleting



BUS Stop Archived Items:

BUS Stop Archive Page


Bridge Information and Updates Page

This area of the BUS Stop will give you up-to-date information on the Bridge. 

We will post any system downtime, changes, or updates that would affect your Bridge user experience.


Bridge Announcements:

PETI Communications November 2017 -

Case Manager PETI Communications

Provider PETI Communications


11/9/2017 - Resolved 

11/8/2017 - Bridge Error Message When Selecting Service or Entering Units on PARs

Case managers creating new PARS or adding new lines to existing PARS within the Bridge application are receiving the following error message when selecting a service or upon entering units: “An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again and if the problem persists, contact your local support team.”  The Department and DXC are working to fix this issue.


The DXC email address for Bridge support - is now To ensure your requests for Bridge support are timely addressed, please target them to the new email address.


Thank you for your continued support of the implementation of the Bridge, please click the link above or the image of the Bridge at the right (Bridge Information and Updates Page) to view all weekly Bridge update e-mails and other supporting documents.

All Single Entry Point (SEP) and Community Centered Board (CCB) case managers MUST complete a 3rd party Modification/Revocation Access Request Form before they are granted access to the CO interChange (including Bridge).

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Remember to access the Bridge, users must fill out a 3rd Party Modification/Revocation Access Request Form.  Find them here: Forms/Guides.




Terry Burnham - BUS Analyst

Rhonda Johnson - BUS Analyst

Michael Pasillas - CIRS Administrator 

Andrea Behnke - CIRS Administrator