Accountable Care Collaborative (ACC) Incentive Payments

Incentive payments are paid to Primary Care Medical Providers (PCMPs) and Regional Care Collaborative Organizations (RCCOs). These payments underscore the Department’s commitment to rewarding value and transformation in Colorado’s Medicaid delivery system.  These incentive payments include:

  • Additional per member per month payments for PCMPs and RCCOs for meeting certain, regional quality metrics, known as Key Performance Indicators.  For further information, please review the KPI Incentive Payment Fact Sheet.
  • Enhanced per member per month payment for PCMPs who meet specified practice quality standards.  For further information, please review the Enhanced Primary Care Medical Provider definitions.  
  • RCCOs can earn additional payment by meeting performance targets in increasing the number of ACC clients who receive follow-up care within 30 days of being released from a hospital.