The Department welcomes your comments regarding the Department's work to comply with federal requirements for Conflict Free Case Management for Home and Community Based Services for adults and children with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilites.

All comments received will be taken into consideration as the Department creates its final plan to comply with the federal requirements and as it creates its final report to the General Assembly regarding House Bill 15-1318, which is due to the Joint Budget Committee of the Colorado General Assemby on July 1, 2016.

Core questions for consideration regarding Conflict Free Case Management for use in framing comments

  • What have you heard about the Transition to CFCM?
  • What are your worries, fears, or concers about the transition to CFCM?
  • What are some of the challenges that may arise when transitioning to CFCM?
  • How will clients, providers, case managers, and the Department benefit from the change?
  • How will service provision improve from CFCM?
  • What are some problems with the current process?
  • How will service quality improve as a result of CFCM?

Ways to provide comments and ask questions:

Online Webform:


Comments via voicemail: 303-866-5560

Questions? Want to know more information? Visit the web page for Conflict Free Case Management or the web page or The Conflict Free Case Management Task Group.

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