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A N N O U N C E M E N T S: 

  • Ascend at the Aspen Institute recently released the Healthy Families Checklist, a tool developed in partnership with the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing and former Medicaid Director Gretchen Hammer, to help other states develop policies and designs that support families.

  • The Kresge Foundation has announced a new funding opportunity to advance the social and economic mobility of families as part of its Next Generation (NexGen) Initiative - applications are due by January 15, 2019. Additional information available here

  • Lieutant Governor Donna Lynne and Department of Human Services Executive Director Reggie Bicha announced recipients of the 2Generation Opportunities (2GO) Innovation Program grants in late November. To find about more about the winners and their propoposed plans, visit the CDHS website. Congratulations to the 10 awardees!! 

  • The Offender Re-Entry Mentoring Program, a new initiative of the Colorado Department of Corrections (DOC), is now accepting applications from community members interested in serving as a mentor to incarcerated individuals who are nearing their release date. Mentors will help support an offender's successful reintegration into society by providing information, guidance, encouragement and support. People who have a criminal background, are currently on or off parole, or anyone in the community that is interested in helping offenders during this transition is encouraged to apply- please visit the Offender Re-Entry Mentoring Program website, or contact Melinda Nedd-Colon, the Prison Operations In-Reach Liaison, at melinda.neddcolon@state.co.us.  

  • Strengthening Colorado Families: State 2Gen Action Plan  -  AVAILABLE HERE


    What is the Two-Generation (2Gen) Approach?

    Two-Generation, or 2Gen, is a term to describe approaches that help families escape the cycle of poverty by intentionally serving children and their parents or adult caregivers together. Research has shown that parents’ education level, income, and physical and mental health all greatly impact their children’s development and future trajectory. Conversely, when children are thriving, they exert a positive impact on their parents. 2Gen approaches harness this mutual motivation by simultaneously providing children and the adults in their lives with the support and resources they need, and the entire family on a path to economic stability and security.

    How do 2Gen approaches work?

    Poverty impacts every area of a person’s life, including health, education, housing, and employment. And poverty doesn’t just affect kids or parents; it affects entire families. 2Gen approaches work by taking a holistic approach, and building and strengthening opportunities children and adults across several key domains, including early childhood education, post-secondary education and employment pathways, economic assets, health and well-being, and social capital.

    How is Colorado using 2Gen approaches to improve the well-being of families?

    To address intergenerational poverty and its impact on families, Governor Hickenlooper has made 2Gen a cornerstone of his administration. To date, Colorado has already seen great success with a multitude of 2Gen efforts, primarily in the human services realm. However, critical stakeholders within the state agree that taking 2Gen to the next level will require new strategies that cut across sectors, nonprofits, the business community, state and local governments, and philanthropic partners.

    Colorado’s overarching vision for 2Gen is a state in which 2Gen approaches are embedded across programs, policies, organizations, and systems, and parents and children are supported and valued. A fully realized approach will mean that families, government, businesses, and service providers are working together to achieve a holistic, strength-based approach to empowering families to strive for healthy, successful lives.

    How can I get involved in current 2Gen efforts in Colorado?

    The Governor’s Office is currently spearheading efforts around future planning and decision-making to strengthen and expand 2Gen policies, programs, and initiatives. We hope to actively engage partners across multiple sectors, including private, public, and nongovernmental organizations in the development of a Statewide 2Gen Action Plan, that identifies specific action steps that parents, advocates, funders, and state and local policymakers in Colorado can take to ensure the 2Gen approach has a lasting impact on Colorado families. If you are interested in learning more about these efforts, please complete the following form.

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    You may also contact Tara Smith, the State Two Generation Program Coordinator, at tara.smith@state.co.us, with any questions or for additional information about 2Gen in Colorado.

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