DENVER — Monday, Oct. 1, 2018 — Today, the Governor’s Office released “Strengthening Colorado Families,” an action plan from state agencies to use family-based, two-generation (2Gen) approaches to fight intergenerational poverty.  

“When you are poor, every person in your family and every part of your life is affected,” said Governor John Hickenlooper. “Our state agencies are committed to meeting the needs of children and their families together, and moving them out of poverty and toward economic security.”

2Gen programs focus on the family as a unit and recognize that supporting children often requires supporting the parent, and vice versa. Colorado’s action plan includes more than 60 different programs and policy changes from a dozen state agencies that will strengthen families who are experiencing poverty, giving them the tools to achieve their full potential.

Colorado's commitment to a 2Gen approach began in the Department of Human Services with policies focused on wrapping a continuum of services around Colorado children and the adults in their lives. Programs facilitating access to high-quality child care, meaningful workforce development opportunities and food and energy assistance work in tandem to help families onto a path to economic security and independence.

The action plan has expanded to include more state agencies and contains initiatives that span workforce, education, health, corrections, and economic development.

Highlights of the action plan include:

  • A new 2Generation Opportunities (2GO) Pilot program, which will award up to 10 grants of $100,000 each to regional and community collaborators who propose innovative ways to create a path for families to reach the middle class.  
  • A mentoring program that will pair people from the community, including individuals from faith organizations, parolees and ex-offenders, with currently incarcerated individuals to help them navigate issues and services upon their release, including the child support process, workforce center opportunities, and re-establishing relationships with family members.
  • An initiative to convene various higher education institutions for a discussion of child care and other services that will help support students who are also parents complete their degree.

Click here to read the full action plan.