DENVER — Thursday, Mar. 30, 2017 — Gov. John Hickenlooper signed these bills into law today.





HB 17-1076

Artificial Recharge Nontributary Aquifer Rules

Sens. Coram & Fenberg / Rep. Arndt

Concerning rule-making by the state engineer regarding permits for the use of water artificially recharged into nontributary groundwater aquifers.

HB 17-1180

Tuition Assistance For Certificate Programs

Sens. Neville, T. & Kerr / Reps. Winter & Lawrence

Concerning requirements for the tuition assistance program for students enrolled in career and technical education certificate programs.

HB 17-1059

Reporting Requirements By Department Of Public Safety To General Assembly

Sen. Tate / Rep. Thurlow

Concerning the scheduled repeal of reports by the Department of Public Safety to the General Assembly.

HB 17-1147

Purpose Of Community Corrections

Sen. Kagan / Rep. Sias

Concerning defining the purposes of community corrections programs.

SB 17-073

Promote Runyon-Fountain Lakes State Wildlife Area

Sen. Garcia / Rep. Valdez

Concerning promotion of the Runyon-Fountain Lakes State Wildlife Area.

SB 17-024

Clarify Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities Hearsay Exception

Sen. Fields / Rep. Young

Concerning the hearsay exception for persons with an intellectual and developmental disability when a defendant is charged with a crime against an at-risk person.

SB 17-031

Reporting Requirements By Department Of Corrections To General Assembly

Sen. Tate / Rep. Arndt

Concerning the scheduled repeal of reports by the Department of Corrections to the General Assembly.

SB 17-033

Delegate Dispensing Over-the-counter Medications

Sen. Aguilar / Rep. Lawrence

Concerning the authority of a professional nurse to delegate dispensing authority for over-the-counter medications.

SB 17-110

Accessibility Of Exempt Family Child Care

Sens. Crowder & Kefalas / Reps. Danielson & Wilson

Concerning expanding the number of unrelated children to no more than four to qualify for license-exempt family child care.

SB 17-122

Repeal Fallen Heroes Memorial Commission

Sen. Tate / Reps. Danielson & Carver

Concerning the duties of the fallen heroes memorial commission, and, in connection therewith, repealing the commission and shifting all remaining responsibilities to the state capitol building advisory committee.

SB 17-123

Seal Of Biliteracy For High School Diplomas

Sens. Zenzinger Priola / Reps. Wilson & Hamner

Concerning a high school diploma endorsement for biliteracy

SB 17-124

CO Uniform Trust Decanting Act

Sens. Moreno & Martinez Humenik / Reps. Nordberg & Hooton

Concerning a correction to the "Colorado Uniform Trust Decanting Act".

SB 17-134

Alcohol Beverage Licensee Penalty Application

Sen. Tate / Reps. Herod & Nordberg

Concerning the exclusion of certain areas of an alcohol beverage licensee's operation in the application of penalties for certain violations.

SB 17-194


Exception To Deadlines Due To Refund-related Fraud

Sen. Neville, T. / Rep. Pabon

Concerning an exception to the statutory deadlines for making income tax refunds for returns suspected of refund-related fraud.

For a list of the governor’s legislative actions, please visit here.