DENVER — Thursday, Mar. 23, 2017 — Gov. John Hickenlooper signed these bills into law today.





HB 17-1040

Interception Of Human Trafficking Communications

Sens. Priola & Jahn / Reps. Lundeen & Foote

Concerning authorizing the interception of communication relating to a crime of human trafficking.

HB 17-1071

Refund Monetary Amounts After Vacated Conviction

Sens. Gardner & Kagan / Reps. Wist & Lee

Concerning a process for repayment of certain criminal monetary amounts ordered by the court to be paid following conviction.

HB 17-1015

Clarify Good Time Sentence Reductions In Jails

Sen. Cooke / Rep. Hooton

Concerning clarifying the manner in which reductions of inmates' sentences are administered in county jails.

HB 17-1048

Prosecution Of Insurance Fraud

Sen. Smallwood / Rep. Foote

Concerning the prosecution of insurance fraud.

HB 17-1157

Bank And Credit Union Reliance On A Certificate Of Trust

Sen. Priola / Reps. Kraft-Tharp & Nordberg

Concerning reliance by a financial institution on a certificate of trust.

HB 17-1044

Autocycle Characteristics & Safety Requirements

Sen. Todd / Rep. Mitsch Bush

Concerning autocycles, and, in connection therewith, clarifying that an autocycle is a type of motorcycle and requiring autocycle drivers and passengers to use safety belts and, if applicable, child safety restraints.

HB 17-1065

Clarify Requirements Formation Metropolitan District

Sen. Marble / Rep. Lewis

Concerning a clarification of requirements governing the formation of metropolitan districts, and, in connection therewith, limiting the inclusion of agricultural land within a metropolitan district providing park and recreational services and clarifying signature requirements governing judicial approval of a petition for organization of a proposed special district.

SB 17-008

Legalize Gravity Knives and Switchblades

Sen. Hill / Rep. Lebsock

Concerning legalizing certain knives.

HB 17-1133

Repeal Secretary of State Annual Report Uniform Commercial Code Filing-office Rules

Sens. Tate & Moreno / Reps. Nordberg & Hooton

Concerning the annual report on filing-office rules by the Secretary of State.

HB 17-1136

Consistent Statutes For Electronic Filing Of Taxes

Sen. Gardner / Rep. Foote

Concerning consistent statutory language for electronic filing of taxes.

HB 17-1092

Retail Establishment & Performing Rights

Sen. Tate / Rep. Lebsock

Concerning contracts involving license royalties with proprietors of retail establishments that publicly perform music.

HB 17-1148

Registration Of Industrial Hemp Cultivators

Sen. Cooke / Rep. Arndt

Concerning applications for registration to cultivate industrial hemp.

For a list of the governor’s legislative actions, please visit here.