DENVER — Tuesday, April 18, 2017 — Gov. John Hickenlooper signed these bills into law today.





SB 17-036

Appellate Process Concerning Groundwater Decisions

Sens. Scott & Coram / Reps. Arndt & Becker, J.

Concerning the appellate process governing a district court's review of final agency actions concerning groundwater.

SB 17-112

Sales & Use Tax Payment To Wrong Local Government

Sen. Neville, T. / Rep. Pabon

Concerning a clarification of the effect of statutes of limitations on the dispute resolution process when a taxpayer owes sales or use tax to one local government but has erroneously paid the disputed tax to another local government.

SB 17-088

Participating Provider Network Selection Criteria

Sens. Holbert & Williams, A. / Reps. Hooton & Van Winkle

Concerning the criteria used by a health insurer to select health care providers to participate in the insurer's network of providers, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

SB 17-115

Expand Law Enforcement Exception Sexual Material

Sen. Cooke / Reps. Willett & Foote

Concerning possession of sexually exploitative material by persons involved in sexually exploitative material cases.

HB 17-1110

Jurisdiction Juvenile Court Parental Responsibilities

Sen. Todd / Rep. Beckman

Concerning juvenile court jurisdiction regarding matters related to parental responsibilities in a juvenile delinquency case.

HB 17-1138

Hate Crime Reporting By Law Enforcement

Sen. Williams, A. / Rep. Salazar

Concerning the reporting of hate crimes by law enforcement agencies.

HB 17-1174

Exempt Rural Telecommunications Local Improvement District Requirements

Sens. Crowder & Guzman / Rep. Wilson

Concerning the establishment of an exception for rural counties from the limitations on the establishment of a local improvement district to fund the construction of a telecommunications service improvement for advanced service.

HB 17-1193

Small Cell Facilities Permitting And Installation

Sens. Tate & Kerr / Reps. Kraft-Tharp & Becker, J.

Concerning the installation of small wireless service infrastructure within a local government's jurisdiction, and, in connection therewith, clarifying that an expedited permitting process applies to small cell facilities and small cell networks and that the rights-of-way access afforded telecommunications providers extends to broadband providers and to small cell facilities and small cell networks.

SB 17-068

School Counselors Early Support For Students

Sen. Todd / Rep. Singer

Concerning early support for student success through access to school counselors, and, in connection therewith, serving all grades through the Behavioral Health Care Professional Matching grant program and the School Counselor Corps Grant Program.

SB 17-137

Sunset Health Service Corps Advisory Council

Sens. Todd & Merrifield / Rep. Jackson

Concerning the continuation of the Colorado Health Service Corps Advisory Council.

HB 17-1012

Pueblo Chile Vehicle License Plate

Sen. Garcia / Rep. Esgar

Concerning the creation of a Pueblo chile license plate.

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