DENVER — Friday, June 1, 2018 — Gov. John Hickenlooper today announced vetoes of House Bill 18-1181 “Nonresident Electors and Special Districts, Senate Bill 18-223 “Autopsy Reports Death of a Minor”, and Senate Bill 18-179 “Extend Credit for Out-of-state Tobacco Sales.”

House Bill 18-1181

“Allowing non-Coloradans to vote in Colorado elections to select our elected representatives is poor public policy,” said Governor John Hickenlooper in the veto letter. “Out-of-state landowners enjoy Colorado’s great views, activities, and economy. While we are grateful to our out-of-state neighbors and their love of Colorado, we are unpersuaded that the State should allow those who spend days or weeks in Colorado to make decisions impacting those who make it their home each and every day.”

Senate Bill 18-223

“Transparency can lead to enhanced government protections, greater public and private resources, and heightened public understanding and demand for change,” wrote Governor John Hickenlooper in the veto letter. He went on to say, “An informed public has societal benefits for all at-risk children, present and future.”

Senate Bill 18-179

“While the bill’s economic benefits appear minimal, the negative health effects of cheaper tobacco are both significant and compelling,” said Governor John Hickenlooper in the veto letter. “These concerns remain from when we vetoed SB 17-139.”

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