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DENVER — Friday, May 9, 2014 — Gov. John Hickenlooper today signed four of five bills passed by the General Assembly to modernize the state’s telecommunications laws and provide regulatory certainty, expand broadband internet in unserved areas and protect public safety. The fifth telecommunications bill will be signed Saturday.

“We believe that this set of bills provides common sense limitations on regulation, maintains basic protections for the consumer and for public safety and will encourage private investment in new technology and infrastructure,” the governor wrote in a letter to the General Assembly.

The complete letter is attached to this press release.

Also today, the governor signed an additional 21 bills passed by the General Assembly: 

Number Title Sponsors Summary
SB-14­158 Recall Elections How Conducted & Align Article XXI Steadman & Jones/Hullinghorst  Concerning the harmonization of statutory recall election provisions with the recall provisions in the state constitution to reflect the manner in which contemporary elections are conducted, and, in connection therewith, aligning circulator regulation and petition requirements with initiative and referendum circulator and petition requirements.
SB-14­160 Transitional Living Program For Brain Injured  Newell/Primavera  Concerning removing limitations on a transitional living program for a person with a brain injury.
SB-14­161 Update Uniform Election Code Of 1992  Ulibarri & Johnston/Hullinghors Concerning the modernization of provisions of the "uniform election code of 1992" that ensure voter access for eligible electors, and, in connection therewith, reducing the deadline by which a voter registration application must be submitted via certain methods, altering procedures pertaining to national change­of­address searches, allowing emergency ballots to be obtained for nonmedical reasons, amending provisions relating to military and overseas voters, increasing the penalty for providing false residential information, making the aiding or abetting the provision of false residential information a new felony offense, and making and reducing appropriations. 
SB-14­165  K­12 Academic Growth Performance Evaluation 2014­15 Johnston & Kerr/Murray & Peniston Concerning the percentage at which to rate the student academic growth standard for the purpose of licensed personnel performance evaluations in the 2014­15 academic year. 
HB-14­1034  Wine Packaging Permits  Williams/Jahn Concerning the creation of a wine packaging permit to allow certain alcohol beverage licensees to package wine produced by another wine manufacturer, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation. 
HB-14­1061 Eliminate Prison For Inability To Pay Fines  Salazar/Guzman  Concerning sentences imposing monetary payments in criminal actions, and, in connection therewith, eliminating prison sentences for persons who are unable to pay criminal monetary penalties. 
HB-14­1095  CBI Cyber Crime Jurisdiction  Kagan & Gardner/Newell  Concerning the Colorado Bureau of Investigation's authority to investigate computer crime, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation
HB-14­1101  Community Solar Garden Business Personal Property Tax Exemption  Tyler/Schwartz  Concerning a partial business personal property tax exemption for community solar gardens. 
HB-14­1130  Foreclosure Cure Remit Unpaid Fees To Borrower  McCann/Ulibarri  Concerning the disposition of moneys charged to borrowers for costs to be paid in connection with foreclosure. 
HB-14­1162 Protect Rape Victim Where Child Conceived  Landgraf/Carroll  Concerning protection of the victim of a sexual assault in cases where a child was conceived as a result of the sexual assault, and, in connection therewith, making legislative changes in response to the study by and the report of the recommendations from the task force on children conceived through rape. 
HB-14­1181  Sunset Continue Nurse­physician Adv Task Force  Schafer/Kefalas Concerning the sunset review of the nurse­physician advisory task force for Colorado health care, and, in connection therewith, continuing the task force through September 1, 2020. 
HB-14­1266  Value­based Crime Threshold Level Changes McCann & Gardner/Newell & King  Concerning the penalties for certain value­based offenses, and, in connection therewith, reducing an appropriation. 
HB-14­1284 Legislative License Plate Registration Number  Tyler & Coram/Todd & Crowder Concerning registration with the department of revenue of distinguished license plates issued to members of the colorado general assembly. 
HB-14­1290 Telepharmacy Remote Pharmacy Outlet  Becker/Roberts  Concerning an addition to the definition of "other outlet" to enable the operation of a remotely located telepharmacy outlet. 
HB-14­1291 Permit Charter Schools Hire Armed School Security  McLachlan & Humphrey/Renfroe & Tochtrop  Concerning authorizing a charter school to employ a school security officer by contract to carry a concealed handgun if the person has a valid concealed carry permit. 
HB-14­1295 Foreclosure Loan Single Contact No Dual Tracking  McCann/Ulibarri  Concerning residential mortgage foreclosures, and, in connection therewith, requiring a single point of contact and prohibiting dual tracking.
HB-14­1307 Recategorize Mineral County As Class V County  Vigil/Crowder  Concerning the recategorization of mineral county for the purpose of statutory provisions fixing the salaries of county officers. 
HB-14­1312  Continue Foreclosure Deferment Program  Williams/Ulibarri  Concerning efforts to reduce the number of foreclosures in Colorado, and, in connection therewith, continuing the foreclosure deferment program. 
HB-14­1319  Outcomes­based Funding For Higher Education Ferrandino & Holbert/Lambert & Todd Concerning the creation of an outcomes­based funding model for higher education, and, in connection therewith, making and reducing appropriations
HB-14­1327  Measures Expand Deployment Communication Networks  Williams & Murray/Scheffel & Tochtrop  Concerning measures to expand the deployment of communication networks, and, in connection therewith, enacting the "broadband deployment act" and making an appropriation. 
HB-14­1329  Deregulate Internet Protocol Emerging Technology Telecommunication Williams & Murray/Kerr & Scheffel  Concerning the exemption of certain internet­protocol­enabled services from oversight by the public utilities commission, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation. 
HB-14­1330 Updating Telecommunications Technology Language Williams/Tochtrop  Concerning an update of telecommunications terminology for intrastate telecommunications services.
HB-14­1331  Regulate Basic Local Exchange Service  Williams & Murray/ Nicholson & Kerr Concerning the regulation of basic local exchange service as it affects effective competition, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation. 
HB-14­1345  Higher Ed Funding Transfer Authority JBC Concerning authority for the Department of Higher Education to transfer moneys allocated to the governing board of an institution of higher education between the governing board's appropriation for its fee­for­service contracts and the governing board's spending authority for college opportunity stipends as a result of increases or decreases in student enrollment at the institution of higher education. 
HB-14­1354 County Clerk Standing Jud Review SOS Election Action  Buckner & Gardner/Aguilar & Crowder  Concerning the ability of a county clerk and recorder to seek judicial review of final action by the secretary of state relating to elections. 

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