DENVER — Tuesday, May 29, 2018 — Gov. John Hickenlooper signed these bills into law today.





HB 18-1019

Kindergarten Through Twelfth Grade Accreditation Weighted Factors

Rep. Foote / Sen. Priola

Concerning criteria applied in determining performance ratings for entities in the elementary and secondary public education system, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

HB 18-1020

Civil Forfeiture Reforms

Rep. Herod / Sens. Kagan & Gardner

Concerning civil forfeiture reform, and, in connection therewith, changing the entity required to report on forfeitures, expanding the scope of the forfeitures to be reported, establishing grant programs, changing the disbursement of net forfeiture proceeds, and making an appropriation.

HB 18-1057

Disclosure Of Information For Asset Recovery

Rep. McKean / Sen. Coram

Concerning the collection of debts, and, in connection therewith, allowing collection agents to add certain expenses to amounts due for collection.

HB 18-1060

Income Tax Deduction For Military Retirement Benefits

Reps. Danielson & Landgraf / Sens. Crowder & Williams

Concerning a state income tax deduction for military retirement benefits for an individual who is under fifty-five years of age.

HB 18-1108

Commission Deaf Hard Of Hearing Deafblind

Rep. Danielson / Sen. Todd

Concerning the Colorado Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and, in connection therewith, renaming the Commission the Colorado Commission for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deafblind; creating the Colorado Deafblind Citizens Council to advise the Commission on deafblind issues; clarifying and expanding the commission's duties to provide services to the deaf, hard of hearing, and deafblind; and changing the membership of the committee charged with reviewing grant applications.

HB 18-1128

Protections For Consumer Data Privacy

Reps. Wist & Bridges / Sens. Lambert & Court

Concerning strengthening protections for consumer data privacy.

HB 18-1135

Extend Advanced Industry Export Acceleration Program

Reps. Kraft-Tharp & Wilson / Sen. Tate

Concerning the extension of the advanced industries export acceleration program, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

HB 18-1152

Judicial Administrative And Budget Records Subject to Colorado Open Records Act

Rep. Lawrence / Sen. Cooke

Concerning making certain records of the state judicial department relating to sexual harassment investigations subject to the Colorado Open Records Act.

HB 18-1155

Sunset Continue Physical Therapy Board Functions

Reps. Singer & Liston / Sen. Martinez Humenik

Concerning the continuation of the Physical Therapy Board, and, in connection therewith, implementing the recommendations contained in the 2017 sunset review and report by the Department of Regulatory Agencies.

HB 18-1174

Sunset Continue Board Of Mortgage Loan Originators

Reps. Arndt & Gray / Sen. Priola

Concerning the continuation under the sunset law of the Board of Mortgage Loan Originators, and, in connection therewith, adopting the legislative recommendations of the Department of Regulatory Agencies as contained in the department's sunset report.

HB 18-1184

Create Next Generation 911 Board

Reps. Exum & Lawrence / Sens. Aguilar & Gardner

Concerning the creation of a report on 911 service in colorado, and, in connection therewith, requiring consideration of issues related to the implementation of next generation 911.

HB 18-1202

Income Tax Credit Leave Of Absence Organ Donation

Rep. Garnett / Sen. Gardner

Concerning an income tax credit for an employer related to an employee's paid leave of absence for the purpose of making an organ donation, and, in connection therewith, enacting the "Living Organ Donor Support Act".

HB 18-1217

Income Tax Credit For Employer 529 Contributions

Reps. Van Winkle & Garnett / Sens. Gardner

Concerning a temporary income tax credit for employers that make contributions to 529 qualified state tuition program accounts owned by their employees, and, in connection therewith, enacting the "Working Families College Savings Act".

HB 18-1224

Licensee Discipline Mediation State Agency

Rep. Willett / Sen. Gardner

Concerning the process that is due for the imposition of discipline that affects a person's ability to practice an occupation, and, in connection therewith, requiring the parties to submit to mediation and making an appropriation.

HB 18-1251

Community Corrections Transition Placements

Reps. Lee & Wist / Sens. Kagan & Gardner

Concerning measures to improve the efficiency of the community corrections transition placements, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

HB 18-1252

Unlawful Sale Of Academic Assignments

Reps. Roberts & Wilson / Sen. Priola

Concerning unlawful sale of academic materials for submission to an institution of higher education.

HB 18-1269

Parent Notice For Student Safety And Protection

Reps. Lundeen & Pettersen / Sens. Hill & Fields

Concerning notification to parents of charges brought against public school employees for alleged felony offenses that would result in the revocation of an educator license pursuant to Title 22, colorado revised statutes.

HB 18-1277

BEST Building Excellent Schools Today Financial Assistance Grant Application Requirements

Reps. Becker, J. & Esgar / Sens. Baumgardner & Kefalas

Concerning a requirement that an application for a "Building Excellent Schools Today Act" grant of financial assistance for public school capital construction include a plan for the future use or disposition of any existing public school facility that the applicant will stop using for its current use if it receives the grant.

HB 18-1283

Classify Residential Land Change In Improvements

Rep. Benavidez / Sen. Neville

Concerning the classification of residential land for property tax purposes resulting from a significant change in the residential improvements located upon the land.

HB 18-1285

Remuneration-exempt Disability Parking Placard

Rep. Pabon / Sens. Smallwood & Todd

Concerning parking for people with certain disabilities, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

HB 18-1291

Sunset Conservation Easement Oversight Commission

Reps. Winter & Thurlow / Sen. Sonnenberg

Concerning the continuation of the Conservation Easement Oversight Commission, and, in connection therewith, implementing the recommendations of the 2017 sunset report by the Department of Regulatory Agencies.

HB 18-1294

Sunset Continue Regulation Nursing Home Administrators

Reps. Lontine & Buckner / Sen. Crowder

Concerning the continuation of the regulation of nursing home administrators by the board of examiners of nursing home administrators in the division of professions and occupations in the department of regulatory agencies, and, in connection therewith, requiring the board to record by board member each vote regarding licensee discipline.

HB 18-1296

Unattended Motor Vehicles Remote Starter Systems

Reps. Melton & Everett / Sens. Marble & Moreno

Concerning an expansion of the ability to leave a motor vehicle unattended in certain circumstances.

HB 18-1299

Electronic Filing Title Registration Motor Vehicle

Reps. Bridges & Neville / Sens. Scott & Zenzinger

Concerning electronic documents related to the ownership of a vehicle that is regulated by the Department of Revenue, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

HB 18-1300

Bachelor Nursing Completion Degree Local District College

Reps. Young & Buck / Sens. Marble & Cooke

Concerning granting authority for local district colleges to provide a bachelor of science degree in nursing program as a completion degree to students who have or are pursuing an associate degree in nursing.

HB 18-1309

Programs Addressing Educator Shortages

Reps. Coleman & Wilson / Sen. Hill

Concerning programs addressing educator shortages, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

HB 18-1344

Relief From Criminal Collateral Consequences

Reps. Weissman & Sias / Sens. Coram & Moreno

Concerning relief from collateral consequences of criminal actions.

HB 18-1351

Signage For Old Spanish National Historic Trail

Reps. Valdez & Covarrubias / Sens. Crowder & Garcia

Concerning signage for the Old Spanish Trail.

HB 18-1362

Drunk And Impaired Driving Task Force Membership

Rep. Arndt / Sen. Tate

Concerning the membership expansion of the Colorado Task Force on Drunk and Impaired Driving.

HB 18-1371

Capital Construction Budget Items

Reps. Esgar & Becker, J. / Sen. Kefalas & Baumgardner

Concerning capital construction budget items, and, in connection therewith, codifying the three-year period that capital construction budget items remain available and clarifying the deadlines for the submission of capital construction budget requests, budget request amendments, and budget request amendments that are related to a request for a supplemental appropriation.

HB 18-1372

Exempt Fund From Capital Construction Funding Mechanism

Reps. Esgar & Becker, J. / Sen. Kefalas

Concerning an exemption of the regional center depreciation account in the capital construction fund from the definition of cash fund for purposes of the requirements under the automatic cash fund funding mechanism for payment of future costs attributable to certain of the state's capital assets.

HB 18-1375

Revisor's Bill

Reps. Willett & Lee / Sen. Gardner

Concerning the nonsubstantive revision of statutes in the colorado revised statutes, as amended, and, in connection therewith, amending or repealing obsolete, imperfect, and inoperative law to preserve the legislative intent, effect, and meaning of the law.

HB 18-1381

Permissive Medical Marijuana Vertical Integration

Reps. Gray & Van Winkle / Sens. Neville & Jahn

Concerning operations related to the sale of medical marijuana in the regulated medical marijuana market, and, in connection therewith, moving from the seventy percent own source requirement to a one-year transition period of fifty percent own source requirement to an elimination of the own source requirement.

HB 18-1388

Exempt Reqmnt Register Security If Notice Filing

Rep. Garnett / Sen. Tate

Concerning an exemption from the requirement to register a security if the security is subject to a notice filing as permitted under federal law.

HB 18-1393

Effective Implementation Of Colorado Reading To Ensure Academic Development Act

Reps. Hamner & Exum / Sen. Gardner

Concerning measures to support effective implementation of the "Colorado Reading to Ensure Academic Development Act" for all students who receive services pursuant to read plans, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

HB 18-1431

Statewide Managed Care System

Rep. Ginal / Sen. Smallwood

Concerning updating managed care provisions in the medical assistance program, and, in connection therewith, aligning managed care provisions with new federal managed care regulations, removing obsolete or duplicative statutory language and programs, and updating and aligning statutory provisions to reflect the current statewide managed care system.

HB 18-1433

Naturopathic Doctor Terminology And Disclosure

Rep. Gray / Sens. Tate & Coram

Concerning modifications to the "Naturopathic Doctor Act", and, in connection therewith, requiring a naturopathic doctor to disclose that the naturopathic doctor is registered and updating the terms that a naturopathic doctor may use.

SB 18-012

Military Enlistment School Performance Indicator

Sen. Hill / Rep. Pettersen

Concerning including military enlistment as part of the postsecondary and workforce readiness performance indicator for public schools.

SB 18-013

Expand Child Nutrition School Lunch Protection Act

Sens. Fields & Gardner / Rep. Michaelson Jenet

Concerning expanding the grades eligible for the child nutrition school lunch protection program, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

SB 18-031

Title 12 Recodification Study One-year Extension

Sen. Gardner / Rep. Foote

Concerning an extension of the Title 12 recodification study being conducted by the Office of Legislative Legal Services, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

SB 18-033

Animal Feeding Operation Permits Continuation

Sen. Sonnenberg / Reps. Arndt & Becker, J.

Concerning the continuation of the animal feeding operation permit program under the Department of Public Health and Environment, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

SB 18-056

Civil Jurisdiction Of County Courts And Filing Fees

Sen. Jahn / Reps. Lee & Willett

Concerning monetary amounts in civil actions.

SB 18-108

Eligibility Colorado Road And Community Safety Act

Sens. Crowder & Coram / Reps. Arndt & Singer

Concerning the issuance of identification documents under the "Colorado Road and Community Safety Act" to persons who are not lawfully present in the United States, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

SB 18-119

False Imprisonment Of A Minor

Sen. Gardner / Reps. Carver & Benavidez

Concerning false imprisonment of a minor, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.


SB 18-141

Income Tax Check-off Nonprofit Donation Fund

Sen. Court / Reps. Wilson & Hansen

Concerning voluntary contribution designations on the colorado individual income tax return form.

SB 18-150

Voter Registration Individuals Criminal Justice System

Sens. Fenberg & Lundberg / Reps. McKean & Lee

Concerning measures to facilitate voter registration of individuals in the criminal justice system, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

SB 18-191

Local Government Limited Gaming Impact Fund

Sen. Gardner / Reps. Carver & Hooton

Concerning the local government limited gaming impact fund, and, in connection therewith making an appropriation.

SB 18-205

Industrial Hemp Designation Agricultural Product

Sens. Marble & Coram / Reps. Catlin & McLachlan

Concerning the regulation of industrial hemp as an agricultural product, and, in connection therewith, identifying the unprocessed seeds of industrial hemp as a commodity under the "Commodity Handler Act" and industrial hemp as a farm product under the "Farm Products Act".

SB 18-208

Create Governor's Mansion Maintenance Fund

Sens. Baumgardner & Kefalas / Reps. Esgar & Hansen

Concerning the creation of the Governor's mansion maintenance fund.

SB 18-209

Modifications To Government Data Advisory Board

Sens. Todd & Martinez Humenik / Reps. Pabon & Thurlow

Concerning modifications to the Government Data Advisory Board created in the Office of Information Technology.

SB 18-210

Amend Regulation Of Appraisal Management Companies

Sen. Tate / Reps. Arndt & Hooton

Concerning the regulation of real estate appraisal management companies, and, in connection therewith, aligning state law with current federal law and regulations.

SB 18-213

Transfer Academic Credits For Division Of Youth Services Youths

Sen. Martinez Humenik / Rep. Herod

Concerning requiring local school districts to recognize academic credits earned by students in the custody of the division of youth services.

SB 18-233

Elections Clean-up

Sens. Marble & Fenberg / Reps. Foote & Neville

Concerning technical modifications to miscellaneous provisions of the "Uniform Election Code of 1992", and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

SB 18-235

Colorado Industrial Hemp Research And Development Authority

Sen. Coram / Rep. Arndt

Concerning the creation of the colorado industrial hemp research and development authority.

SB 18-239

Animal Chiropractic Education And Reporting Requirements

Sen. Marble / Reps. Arndt & Becker, J.

Concerning a licensed chiropractor's ability to perform animal chiropractic on an animal patient.

SB 18-253

CSTARS Account Transfer To DRIVES Account Effective Date

Sen. Lambert / Rep. Young

Concerning the effective date to transition the Department of Revenue's CSTARS account to the Department of Revenue's drives vehicle services account.

SB 18-262

Higher Education Targeted Master Plan Funding

Sen. Gardner / Reps. Duran & Bridges

Concerning targeted funding for public institutions of higher education to help achieve the Colorado Commission on Higher Education master plan goals, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

SB 18-266

Controlling Medicaid Costs

Sen. Lundberg / Rep. Young

Concerning controlling costs under the "Colorado Medical Assistance Act", and, in connection therewith, using data and technology, creating a hospital review program, and making and reducing an appropriation.

SB 18-268

Design Bid Build Highway Project Contract Awards

Sens. Scott & Moreno / Rep. McLachlan

Concerning the scope of the authority of the Department of Transportation to award a design bid build highway project contract in an amount that exceeds the estimate of the department on the project.


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